Businesses, government agencies, non-profits, and educational organizations need leaders who can effectively navigate complex, changing situations and get the job done. The questions that need to be asked at the organizational level are: who do we have, what do they need to do, and are they equipped to do it?

CCL conducted a research study to determine if the current level of and type of leadership skills are sufficient to meet organizational needs.

The project was designed to address the following questions:

• What leadership skills and perspectives are critical for success now and in the future?

• How strong are current leaders in these critical skills and perspectives?

• How aligned is today’s leadership strength with what will be the most important skills and perspectives in the future?

A leadership gap or deficit may have one of two causes: when leaders are focused on the right competencies, but haven’t sufficiently mastered them, or when leaders are not focused on the right skill areas. The first is a matter of degree; the second is a matter of substance. Either can be a problem in both the short- and long-term.

Organizations (and individual leaders) want to avoid a discrepancy between areas of strength and areas of need; however, the data from the CCL study indicate that organizations today are experiencing a current leadership deficit and can expect a leadership gap in the future.

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