Horizontal Development = More information, skills, competencies
Vertical Development = More complex and sophisticated ways of thinking

In Vertical Development Part I, I introduced you to the “what and why” of vertical development. Since then many people have asked, “Yes, but how do you do vertical development?”

Over the past three months, I interviewed 30 experts from China, Great Britain, Canada, the United States, Belgium, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Australia. The goal was not to create a prescriptive approach. It was to discover the conditions required for vertical development and then show examples of the types of approaches that create those conditions. The result is a guide for practitioners who already design leadership programs but want to add more vertical elements to what they are doing.

This paper is neither about vertical development nor leadership development, but what happens when you take the best thinking from both worlds and combine them into something new—vertical leadership development.

The essence of the paper is summarized below. Three “primary” conditions support vertical leadership development and under each are tools and approaches that practitioners can use to create those conditions.

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