Stay Ahead of Change with Talent Portfolio Agility™

Talent in the digital era is changing. The gig economy is already here, and is expected to grow even bigger over the next 5-10 years. With these massive shifts, the workforce is being totally reshaped. Very soon, the talent landscape will look completely different.

But most companies are still operating in a decades-old paradigm when it comes to talent.

Organizations that are able to redefine talent for the new world of work will better position themselves to compete in the future. They will prosper through constant change as they:

  • Increase engagement and retention of all their talent, including freelancers and gig economy workers.
  • Elevate their employer brand and gain access to a larger talent pool.
  • Harness a diverse and dynamic talent base to accelerate culture change.
  • Reduce their vulnerability to shifts in the talent market.

To position your organization for the future, you’ll want to diversify your organization’s talent portfolio, just like its financial portfolio, through Talent Portfolio Agility™.

You can also learn more by watching our webinar recording on Talent Portfolio Agility™ .

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