Not long ago, strategy was king. Forecasting, planning, and placing smart bets created the power sources within organizations. The future of a business (or a career) could fit into an established framework or system. If managed well, success would follow.

Today, uncertainty is palpable. Planning for next quarter is a challenge. Even more difficult is committing to decisions that will play out in one to five years. What is the new process, the innovative product, the game-changing service, or the compelling vision? In the words of one senior executive:

“We’ve lost our crystal ball.”

Additional Contributing Author:

Dan Buchner is Vice President of Organizational Innovation at Continuum Boston. Buchner is an award-winning designer, entrepreneur, and innovation consultant. He has driven innovation in a wide range of organizations worldwide. For nearly 30 years, Buchner has been developing innovative new products, creating compelling new services, and helping organizations establish design and innovation capabilities to drive their success.

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