In 1989 the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) developed LeaderLab, a program that aims to help individuals take effective and sustained action in their leadership situations. A subsequent evaluation of the program assessed its effectiveness. This report discusses an important question that arose out of that assessment: Do action-oriented programs help participants take more effective action in their leadership situations?


Dianne P. Young was manger, program research, at the Center for Creative Leadership. in this role, she helps facilitate strategic partnerships with clients and other organizations and also helps integrate the research and education efforts withing CCL. Young builds on then years of experience in CCL’s research group, where she conducted evaluations that helped with the development of programs and with understanding the dynamics of leadership development.

Nancy M. Dixon is an associate professor of administrative sciences at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. she has worked with numerous organizations to create new and innovative methods of workplace learning, and did a year-long sabbatical at the Center for Creative Leadership where she collaborated on evaluation studies.

Published: April 1996

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