This report presents the findings of a study comparing managers’ perceptions of effective leadership in Europe and the U.S. Specifically, perceptions of the work-related values of effective leaders and team members in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, U.K (European Union Countries), and the U.S. were measure and analyzed for similarities and differences. The study was jointly conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership and SYMLOG Consulting Group, using SYMLOG, a group level assessment tool developed by Robert F. Bales, a social psychologist and professor emeritus at Harvard University.

The results support previous research, which indicates that mangers in some E.U. countries perceive distinct value patterns in effective leaders form the perspective of their national work settings. Most significant, however, are new findings that show a striking consensus on what will be required of leaders and members of cross-national teams in the E.U. in the future. A value profile reflecting  delicate balance of approachable, democratic and moderately dominant leadership that blends stability with creativity and fosters meaningful member participation int he workplace is perceived to be most effective for leadership across the E.U. in the future.

The report is written for a research-oriented human resource practitioner audience or for anyone who is interested in understanding cross-national similarities and differences in managers’ perceptions of the values of effective leaders.

Published: April 1998
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