The purpose of the World Leadership Survey is to provide a window into the internal world of professionals, managers, and executives within the organization. This view of the employee experience will help leaders of organizations understand what the employee is experiencing, and understand what the organization needs to do to improve organizational commitment and reduce turnover.

The good news for organizations in the U.S. and Canada (the sample for this report) is that respondents are mostly committed to their organizations, satisfied with their jobs and their pay, work more than the typical 40-hour work week, and do not currently intend to leave their jobs. The professionals, managers, and executives surveyed feel supported by their organization and by their direct supervisor, and think that their organizations are economically stable. Unfortunately they also feel overloaded, as if their work interferes with their life, and that there is a lot of political behavior within their organization, which results in reduced effectiveness. This report describes the current employee experience, and what organizations need to focus on to maintain and improve commitment.

Published: June 2012
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