January 2013 —

Dr. Karen StephensonGreensboro, NC – The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®), a top-ranked, global provider of leadership education and research, will advance its research agenda internationally with the aid of social network analysis expert Dr. Karen Stephenson.

Stephenson, president of NetForm International and professor of Management at the Erasmus University Rotterdam School of Management, has been named CCL’s H. Smith Richardson Jr. Visiting Fellow. As part of her yearlong appointment, Stephenson will assist CCL in extending its research on change and transformation within organizations, as well as strengthening its programs and products.

“We are very privileged to partner with Dr. Stephenson in the coming year,” said CCL President and CEO John R. Ryan. “Her influence on management thinking globally is extensive, and CCL shares her passion for exploring new ways to accelerate organizational cultures and performance.”

Stephenson has 35 years of academic research and corporate experience in the field of social network analysis. She has served as professor of Management at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and the UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management. In 2007, Stephenson was one of only three females recognized in Random House’s Guide to Management Gurus. Business 2.0 magazine deemed her “The Organization Woman.” She was recently awarded the first Katherine Houghton Hepburn Fellow at Bryn Mawr College for her groundbreaking work in the social sciences. Stephenson obtained her doctorate degree in anthropology from Harvard University.

A pioneer in social network analysis, Stephenson has developed and taught social network theory and management as part of a core MBA, EMBA and leadership curriculum. She has led the introduction of social network analysis in the work of the US and British governments as well as in joint ventures with early adopters such as IBM, Steelcase and JP Morgan. Stephenson’s current research interests focus on (1) the diagnostic practice of assessing complex networked institutions (heterarchies), (2) establishing standards of measurement for social capital metrics and HR analytics, and (3) developing best practices for assessing corporate “health and wellness”.

“My mantra, borrowed from Dartmouth College’s motto ‘Vox clamantis in deserto’, has served me well on the pioneer trail. As a ‘hybrid’ institution, CCL is also a ‘Voice crying out in the wilderness,'” Stephenson said. “In some ways, we are more alike than would first appear because we both are driving a wedge between traditional approaches in research and practice in order to harvest innovation. I think this is a match made in heaven.”

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