July 2008 —

Greensboro, N.C. – High-performing teams are a key to competitive advantage – and a new program from the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) prepares executives and managers to build and lead them.

“Finding a decisive way to outpace the competition is the Holy Grail for today’s businesses,” said CCL senior faculty member Kate Beatty, who manages the program. “Well-led teams can make all the difference in how a company performs, but they also represent a tough challenge. That’s especially true when team members are juggling competing priorities or are scattered in cities across the nation or around the globe.”

CCL’s new four-day Leading Teams for Impact course is designed to help leaders tackle such challenges and promote effective collaboration among a variety of workgroups and teams, including those that are cross-functional or geographically dispersed.

Leading Teams for Impact helps participants tackle real-world issues they face on the job. The program actually begins well before students arrive at CCL’s campus. Weeks in advance, they are asked to identify a team they belong to or lead, conduct interviews and identify specific team challenges they’d like to address. Course participants also meet virtually as a practice team before their classroom work begins and collaborate on pre-course assignments.

“When students finally meet face-to-face in the classroom, they’re able to mine the lessons they’ve learned during their pre-course experience,” Beatty said. “They practice new team leadership concepts and work with CCL coaches and faculty to break through the barriers they face with their workplace team back at home.”

Leading Teams for Impact is grounded in a research-based framework for team effectiveness. It helps leaders decide what actions they should take to produce optimal results and to help their team become more efficient and effective over time.

Upcoming sessions of the new course are scheduled for September 30-October 3, December 9-12 and March 31-April 3 at the Center’s facility in Colorado Springs, Colo. For more information on Leading Teams for Impact or to register to attend, visit http://www.ccl.org/LTFI or call the Center at +1 336 545 2810.

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