April 2018 —

GREENSBORO, NC: What do a zombie apocalypse, hiking accident, and a really, really bad boss have in common? In their newly released book, three CCL senior faculty members tell you that they all require a common focus on survival.

In their pocket-sized survival manual, the authors of The Toxic Boss Survival Guide: Tactics for Navigating the Wilderness at Work offer practical and sometimes irreverent tactics for dealing with your intolerable boss. By drawing from core lessons of world-class military and civilian survival training, they provide memorable, real-world examples and practical tactics for anyone who is suffering under destructive leadership.

“We try to help readers understand the difference between a garden-variety lousy boss and one that is truly toxic — because the strategies for dealing with the two are different,” said Dr. Peter Ronayne, one of the co-authors. “We also use humor because we have all been there and know the importance of taking the situation seriously, but we know the importance that maintaining perspective plays in any survival situation. And through our experience and research, it turns out that we can learn a lot about how to survive at work (or even thrive) from people who have survived a wide variety of drastic events.”

Written by Craig Chappelow, Peter Ronayne, and Bill Adams, the guide is built on research from CCL’s Toxic Boss Project which surveyed 1,200 people across a wide variety of organizations to identify the six most common types of toxic bosses and the strategies that worked when dealing with them. The results are a tactic-rich approach based on wilderness survival principles and the US Air Force’s world famous SERE School, including:

  • Survive: how to continue working for (and hopefully thrive under) a toxic boss
  • Evade: how to stay in the job, but minimize contact with your toxic boss
  • Resist: how to fend off the effects of toxicity, and how to deal with your situation head on
  • Escape: when all else fails, how to get out

toxic-boss-book-coverThe Toxic Boss Survival Guide is a relatable, real, and entertaining look at an array of realistic scenarios and practical options to help anyone survive daily encounters with the office undead.

“This isn’t really like CCL’s other books in terms of tone, because if you’re dealing with a toxic boss, it helps to read something that’s straightforward, clear, and funny,” Ronayne said. “But this book, like all CCL publications and programs,  draws on academic research and blends it with survival lessons from real world practitioners who have made it through far more challenging hardships.”

The authors also created a website where readers can anonymously share their own toxic boss stories, commiserate, and possibly help others who might be facing a similar toxic situation in their own lives.

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