May 2014 —

Greensboro, NC – Though most organizational leaders desire to learn new skills and change behaviors in themselves and their teams, turning those intentions into reality can be daunting.

In the new book Change Now! Five Steps to Better Leadership, researchers from the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) distill the theory and tactics behind personal transformation into a hands-on, step-by-step guide that enables leaders to evaluate their current situation, identify potential areas of improvement and make the changes that matter most.

Change Now! Five Steps to Better Leadership“The skills and knowledge that got leaders where they are aren’t the same as those that will take them where they need to go,” said Peter Scisco, CCL’s manager of publication development. “Successful leaders must embrace the ever-changing business environment, but many of them are unsure where to start. In Change Now! we’ve created an accessible, easy-to-use workbook based on proven tactics that will help leaders at all levels change how they act and what they can accomplish.”

Change Now! takes readers through a five-step process to identify where to focus their development energy, how to create goals, how to craft a plan for achieving those goals, how to learn to anticipate and overcome obstacles, and how to stay on course.

“To be successful, leaders must commit to a well thought-out plan, keep their eyes on the finish line and meet challenges head-on,” said co-author and CCL Senior Fellow Cynthia D. McCauley. “Change Now! allows leaders to cut through the theory and focus on improvement.”

Change Now! is based on CCL’s research and teaching experience, which reinforces the belief that leadership is best developed by means of a continual and systemic process. CCL asked leaders about their goal-setting plans, what kind of support and knowledge they need to achieve these goals, and what gets in the way. Based on this feedback, CCL developed a process leaders can use to identify and make necessary changes.

Change Now!, also co-authored by CCL Senior Fellow Jean Brittain Leslie and CCL senior faculty member Rob Elsey, is published by CCL Press and is available through, Google Books and other outlets.

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