November 2019 —

Showcase Your Leadership Development Experience on LinkedIn with a CCL Credential

Alumni of our leadership programs around the world are invited to showcase completion of a program experience with us on LinkedIn.

People with certifications on their LinkedIn profiles receive more views and rank higher in LinkedIn search results. And adding your CCL program as a credential on your LinkedIn profile demonstrates your commitment to continuing your personal and professional development journey.

How to Add a Certification from CCL to Your LinkedIn Profile

To add your participation in a CCL program as a credential on your LinkedIn profile, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Log into your LinkedIn account and go your personal profile page.
  2. Add the Licenses & Certifications section to your profile. To add it:
    • On a mobile device: Tap the + sign to add new info to your profile. Tap Background, and Licenses & Certifications is below.
    • On a computer: Click the “Add profile section” button at the top of your profile page. Under Background, select Licenses & Certifications.
  3. In the Add licenses & certifications window that appears, complete the fields as follows:
    • For Name, type the name of your CCL leadership program, e.g.:
      • Leadership at the Peak
      • Leading for Organizational Impact: The Looking Glass Experience
      • Leadership Development Program (LDP)®
      • Maximizing Your Leadership Potential
      • etc.
    • For Issuing Organization, type Center for Creative Leadership and then select the CCL logo from the dropdown menu that appears. This links your credential to the official CCL company page on LinkedIn, as shown here:How to Add Your CCL Leadership Program to Your LinkedIn Account
    • Check the box next to This certification does not expire.
    • For Issue Date, enter the month/year you participated in a program with us.
    • Leave the Credential ID: field blank.
    • For Credential URL, copy and paste the hyperlink associated with your program, for example:
      • Leadership at the Peak:
      • Leading for Organizational Impact:
      • Leadership Development Program:
      • Maximizing Your Leadership Potential:
      • etc.
    • Select Save and you’re done!

About the Center for Creative Leadership

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) is a top-ranked, global provider of leadership development. By leveraging the power of leadership to drive results that matter most to clients, CCL transforms individual leaders, teams, organizations, and society. Our array of cutting-edge solutions is steeped in extensive research and experience gained from working with hundreds of thousands of leaders at all levels. Ranked among the world’s top providers of executive education, CCL has locations in countries worldwide.

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Center for Creative Leadership
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