Focuses on 4 Fundamental Skills of Self-Awareness, Learning Agility, Communication, & Influence

March 2017 —

GREENSBORO, NC – You’re sitting on a goldmine, and chances are you don’t even realize it.

You can transform yourself by learning from your experiences — the gold you’ve collected but rarely polish and examine, instead overlooking it. By reframing the way you think about your experiences, past and present, you can stop leaving as many growth opportunities on the table and can plot the next steps for where you want to go.

That’s the message of a new book, Lead 4 Success: Learn the Essentials of True Leadership, from the Center for Creative Leadership. In the book, lead contributor George Hallenbeck and CCL associates synthesize years of research into a cohesive, practical guide for today’s leaders.

“Your experience is essential to your ability to become a more effective leader,” Hallenbeck said. “It’s like the fuel for your engine.”


Lead 4 Success provides an easy-to-follow path for reframing your mindset about your current and past experiences, and spells out how to use specific skill sets and toolsets as part of the process. The book walks through 4 fundamental skills — self-awareness, learning agility, communication, and influence — and explains how to master each.

The book pairs with a CCL course by the same name, designed to move leaders from average to high-performing by developing the Fundamental 4 skills that leaders at all levels need to master for success. Partners can license the program and use the book in part as a training guide. Now, individual leaders at any level can purchase the book directly and benefit from its practical, digestible approach to enhance themselves professionally.

Lead 4 Success: Learn the Essentials of True Leadership is available in the CCL Bookstore and through online and retail booksellers.

George Hallenbeck, the book’s lead contributor, works at the Center for Creative Leadership as Director, Commercialization where he leads an innovation platform called All-Access Leadership, focused on enhancing, re-imagining and creating product offerings that empower and enable clients to deliver and experience CCL’s intellectual property in ways that match their needs and strategies. Hallenbeck has co-authored 7 books including Learning Agility: Unlock the Lessons of Experience, has written for publications including BusinessWeek Online, and holds a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Colorado State University.

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