March 2018 —

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO: The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) is excited to announce its role in leading an initiative aimed at strengthening and broadening the collaboration between the Colorado Springs Police Department and the citizens of the community they serve.

Modeled after The Illumination Project designed by community leaders in Charleston, S.C., the Colorado Springs Illumination Project is an effort supported by the Colorado Springs Police Chief Peter Carey and Mayor John Suthers. The project aims to deepen trust and proactively address potential challenges. Given the national climate of police-community relations, the Colorado Springs Illumination Project is a particularly relevant and prudent initiative to create meaningful dialogue.

Members of the Colorado Springs community will be invited to a series of 8 listening sessions, facilitated by faculty from CCL, community members, and coaches beginning this March and lasting until December 2018. During these sessions, residents will have the opportunity to engage with their local police force and other community leaders to discuss the experiences they’ve had, challenges they’ve faced, and practices they can work together to adopt together in the future. The intent of these conversations is to move toward finding the balance between protecting individual liberties and maintaining public safety.


The first listening session will be held from 5:30-7:30 p.m. on March 19, 2018 at Grace Be Unto You, which is located at 3195 Airport Road in Colorado Springs. Call 719-596-9076 for more information.

Driven by the diverse Citizen Operating Group, this community engagement project seeks to connect with a broad cross-section of Colorado Springs residents. The Colorado Springs Illumination Project will intentionally reach out to youth, including through local high schools, and is designed to achieve collaboration in situations and scenarios where polarization may be the default.

“There is no question that law enforcement has an extremely difficult job in today’s climate,” Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers said. “I applaud CCL and the Colorado Springs Police Department for this effort to improve communication and strengthen the trust and collaboration between law enforcement and residents of Colorado Springs.”

Police Chief Peter Carey welcomed the initiative as an opportunity to deepen community ties and improve civic trust.

“I’m grateful and proud of the opportunity for CSPD, in partnership with CCL and other civic leaders, to meet with residents of our community in a calm and safe environment,” he said. “Our goal is to strengthen the trust and partnership between police and community members by giving a voice to all segments of our community. The support our residents have shown our officers has been exceptional, but through the Illumination Project, together we can further strengthen our relationship making Colorado Springs an even better place to live.”

The Center for Creative Leadership is particularly proud to play a significant role in this trust- and relationship-building effort because one of the organization’s 10 global campuses is based in Colorado Springs. It fits into the nonprofit’s broader Societal Advancement mission and work, and aligns with wider organizational efforts to improve the world through leadership development and training. Strengthening and improving the relationship between our local police department and the community it serves is an essential aspect of building a stronger, more resilient and united place for all of us to live, work, and play.

“We are proud and humbled to be partnering with the Colorado Springs Police Department in doing this important work,” CCL Managing Director David Hyatt said. “As a nonprofit whose mission is to develop leadership for the benefit of society worldwide, this work is central to who we are as an organization and will significantly contribute to the Colorado Springs community.”

At CCL, this project is being led by Hyatt, Design & Delivery Manager George Houston, Business Manager Randi Leimkuhl, and Program Coordinator Kevin Hill. By partnering with community leaders — including members of city government and the Colorado Springs Police Department — and building off decades of leadership development and societal advancement work, CCL is confident that the Colorado Springs Illumination Project will yield significant, lasting results.

To learn more about the Colorado Springs Illumination Project, contact the Community Relations Unit with the Colorado Springs Police Department at 719-444-7410 or check the department’s social media pages.

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