Study adds to CCL’s body of research on women’s leadership

July 2017 —

SANTA CLARA, CA: The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) and Watermark — Silicon Valley’s leading community of senior and emerging women executives and entrepreneurs — will reveal surprising findings from their joint research program “What Women Want” on July 18.

The inaugural global survey of more than 550 women and almost 200 men shows not only what women want in the workplace, but also why organizations should want more women in leadership positions and throughout their ranks.

The findings show:

  • Both women and men have higher job satisfaction when there are more women in the workplace.
  • Female bosses are rated as more supportive to career development than male bosses — especially when it comes to women’s leadership development.

These results debunk 2 common beliefs: that men make better bosses and that women struggle with workplace culture or leadership roles. We also found that women are hungry for leadership development opportunities, but find they are not readily available. And women reported that organizations don’t always offer them fair opportunities, but rather no-win “glass cliffs” that could be the downfall of their careers.

Cathleen Clerkin, Ph.D., senior research faculty at CCL,  will share the detailed results of the groundbreaking research on July 18 at Ericsson, a leading communications technology company, in Santa Clara, Calif. Our findings can help companies gauge how they stack up, and Clerkin will offer actionable steps to help organizations insure that their workplace is one where women can grow, thrive, and excel in their careers — while boosting the bottom line.

In conjunction with the event, CCL will release a white paper by Clerkin that digs deeper into the most interesting aspects of the research findings.

“These results confirm that when women succeed, it helps the entire organization,” Clerkin said. “Our findings also underscore the importance of organizations like Watermark, and we’re thrilled to partner with such a leader in the field. We look forward to future collaborations with this trend-setting group of executives and entrepreneurs.”

Marlene Williamson, Watermark’s CEO, echoed Clerkin’s comments.

“For close to 25 years, Watermark has been known for our guidance, expertise, customized leadership development programs and any number of related initiatives dedicated to increasing the number of women in leadership positions,” Williamson said. “These findings are so important as we continue to help companies achieve gender parity at the top — and throughout their organizations. We’re happy to partner with CCL as we all strive to facilitate positive change.”

CCL has been a pioneer in women’s leadership beginning from its groundbreaking 1986 research and book Breaking the Glass Ceiling to its 2015 white paper, “Bossy: What’s Gender Got to Do With It?” as well as this latest research in partnership with Watermark.

CCL also offers specific leadership development programming tailored for women, including the Women’s Leadership Experience and the brand-new Technical Women’s Leadership Journey, a one-of-a-kind personal and professional development experience aimed at women in engineering or technical careers who are on track for, or already in, middle management roles.

The press and the public are invited to attend Clerkin’s presentation, “What Women Want — and Why You Want Women — in the Workplace,” at Ericsson (2755 Augustine Dr., Santa Clara, Calif.) at 5:30 p.m. PST on July 18. Online registration is available and the public is invited to attend. A registration fee of $42 covers admittance. Register online for the July 18 event now.

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About Watermark

Watermark is the leading community of top women executives, entrepreneurs and emerging executives in the San Francisco Bay Area whose mission is to increase the number of women in leadership positions. The membership organization connects, develops, and advocates for the advancement of women in the workplace by offering regular leadership development programs and networking opportunities and promoting gender diversity and equality initiatives. Watermark supports girls’ leadership programs, as well, to help build a well-qualified workforce for the future. Visit Watermark’s website to learn more.

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