November 2016 —

A recently signed agreement between the Center for Creative Leadership and CEU Educational Group makes CEU the first institution in Spain certified to provide leadership education with CCL methodology.

The agreement is designed to promote CEU’s development of professional leaders. CEU University Group is the biggest educational institution in Spain featuring 3 universities with 7 campuses in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, and it is also one of the largest such institutions in Europe.

CCL and CEU University became strategic partners in 2015. Both institutions share similar mission and values as well as the strong belief that educating younger generations on leadership skills is an investment in our future society.

In the current complex geo-political context, it is no longer sufficient to educate students in technical skills; we should strive to groom their capacity to be critical thinkers, responsible citizens, and self-aware future leaders.

With this joint initiative, we aim to grow the students’ mindset so that they start to understand their capabilities and preferences and the impact they can have in their future organizations, in the communities and in the society. With this aim in mind, CCL and CEU spent a year collaborating in the development and implementation of a 3-module Leadership Program customized to students at postgraduate and masters level across different degrees.

This modular program is designed to be a highly experiential experience for students with cutting edge, relevant content based on relevant research. Through a combination of experiential exercises, self-assessment and peer feedback, students get a rich and diverse look at their leadership preferences and behaviors in specific settings and how their behavior impacts those around them.

Students will also get the opportunity to try out new behaviors and receive feedback in safely constructed environments. As part of the initiative, students develop a personal action plan for applying the new knowledge and tools in their daily lives. This initiative is also an extensive networking opportunity for students prior to joining the professional employment market.

But CCL and CEU’s partnership does not end with university students. We want to expand the reach of our programs to school students from 5 to 14, and we are already working on developing content that can be relevant and help the youngest citizens.

As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said: “As for the future, our task is not to foresee it, but to enable it.” That is our joint objective.

Writing for this article contributed by Sonia Allue de Barro. Special recognition to Bryce Kingsley, Natalia Rodas, Sara Ais, Hamish Madan, Lyndon Rego, Joel Wright, and Jeffrey Tanner for making this partnership possible.

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