April 2019 —

GREENSBORO, NC – Research by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) shows companies spend more than $34 billion annually for outsourced leadership development—but 9 out of 10 CEOs feel the investment fails to produce a clear business impact.

To address this costly gap, CCL is launching a new Leadership Analytics practice to help companies achieve better outcomes and accelerate the return on their leadership development investment.

“Our new practice is staffed by data scientists, evaluators, and psychologists with deep experience in helping clients make evidence-based decisions,” said CCL President and CEO John R. Ryan.

“We enable organizations to use data about their own workforce to promote engagement, pinpoint leadership gaps, build more effective networks, and bring a new focus to talent development that drives performance.”

The Leadership Analytics Practice will be led by Cheryl Flink, Ph.D., an executive experienced in linking data to strategy, product development, and business execution. Flink serves on the Board of Directors for the digital transformation company Bounteous and on the Board of Advisors for Valyant AI, an artificial intelligence company. She also is a former chief strategy officer for Market Force Information, a customer experience measurement company.

The first product created by the new practice is CCL Fusion—a predictive analytics solution that utilizes employee survey and assessment data to identify which leadership investments are most likely to drive improved business outcomes. Fusion is powered by our partner, Strategic Management Decisions, using its patent-pending cloud-based technology, SMD Link.

CCL Fusion connects the dots between an organization’s HR data (e.g. employee engagement and leadership assessment surveys) and its business performance metrics (e.g. revenue, costs, and retention). The resulting models can be used to quantify the estimated ROI various leadership investments will deliver, build evidence-based action plans, and align leaders in ways that produce a measurable impact.

“Often the leadership data organizations collect is used ineffectively—if at all,” Flink says. “Our CCL Fusion team and technology makes information actionable. Executives can reduce their decision-making risks by predicting which people investments are most likely to help their organization meet its strategic imperatives.”

Early adopters of CCL Fusion have achieved positive results. One example: CCL’s deep-dive analysis helped one organization isolate a set of underperforming leader behaviors linked to costly staff turnover. By creating targeted improvement initiatives, the organization now has a roadmap for reducing staff turnover by 8%.

Learn more about the CCL Leadership Analytics practice and CCL Fusion.

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