April 2018 —

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Center for Creative Leadership and Agility Consulting have partnered to help companies better manage talent in a rapidly changing world where employment trends and technology are upending traditional workforce and leadership strategies.

The two organizations call this new approach Talent Portfolio Agility™.

“Organizations are grappling with how to optimize their mix of traditional employees and gig economy workers so they can stay competitive and achieve their goals,” said Nick Horney, founder of Agility Consulting. “Rapid advances in technology, including new digital talent platforms, robotics, and artificial intelligence are creating new threats and new opportunities for all companies.”

Agility Consulting has been helping global leaders and organizations adapt and thrive in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world since 2001. CCL is a top provider of leadership development training, serving nonprofits and NGOs, government agencies, and corporations around the world.

“The companies that will be most successful in the next few years will be the ones that view their mix of traditional workers and freelancers as a portfolio that can be optimized to meet their strategic business needs,” said George Hallenbeck, director of commercialization for the Americas at CCL. “But doing so requires new approaches to recruiting, managing, and developing talent at all levels.”

Under this new partnership, CCL and Agility Consulting will help companies:

  • Identify what constitutes talent for your organization and what mix of long-term and short-term talent will serve you best.
  • Assess how well you leverage your available talent and what you could do to maximize the value that talent provides.
  • Develop strategies to strengthen your employer brand, engage a larger talent pool, and recruit the right talent.
  • Leverage your talent portfolio for strategic culture change.
  • Train leaders in how to maintain productive teams that harness a mix of short- and long-term talent amidst technological and market disruptions.

Many organizations continue to view “talent” as their full-time employees, even though freelancers and independent contractors are an increasing component of their real talent pool. Technological advancement, a shift to more project-based work, and globalization require companies to take more strategic, sophisticated approaches to recruiting, managing, engaging, and retaining long-term and short-term talent.

Learn more about the Talent Portfolio Agility™ now.


About Agility Consulting

Agility Consulting and Training, LLC has been exclusively focused and dedicated to building a deep body of knowledge and collection of practical tools for the field of leadership, team, and organizational agility since its inception in 2001. It is considered by many to be the world’s premier consulting firm specializing in helping global leaders and organizations anticipate change and respond appropriately to the increasing uncertainty in our world. With unparalleled expertise, insight, proprietary tools, and a talented network of affiliates, we help businesses become more focused, fast, and flexible at the enterprise, team, and individual leader levels.

About the Center for Creative Leadership

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) is a top-ranked, global provider of leadership development. By leveraging the power of leadership to drive results that matter most to clients, CCL transforms individual leaders, teams, organizations, and society. Our array of cutting-edge solutions is steeped in extensive research and experience gained from working with hundreds of thousands of leaders at all levels. Ranked among the world’s top providers of executive education, CCL has locations in countries worldwide.

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