Your 5-year-old is crying, frustrated she can’t tie her shoe. You take care of it, dry her tears, problem solved…then she bursts into tears again.

With a little more digging, you learn she’s really mad at her brother. She just happened to be fighting with her shoe at the same time.

Fixing the wrong problem is — unfortunately — a common thing. Our experience and expertise can conspire to lead us to wrong, or incomplete, assumptions. Then we focus on the wrong thing, or maybe only part of a problem.

CCL and our clients aren’t exempt. When interest and enthusiasm for learning and leadership development is high, it’s tempting to jump right in without digging deeper into underlying issues for which leadership development appears to be the solution. A better approach is to take a little time for discovery.

Discovery is CCL’s process of uncovering and understanding the leadership development needs of an organization to clarify what you know about your leadership challenges and uncover what you don’t. With discovery, you can target and phase development efforts and achieve results that matter faster and more effectively. It is how you connect your broad business agenda with a leadership agenda.

The beginning of the discovery process is about understanding what matters most. CCL guides your leaders and key stakeholders through 4 questions:

  • What are your major business challenges and opportunities?
  • What is your business strategy to address these challenges and opportunities?
  • What leadership behaviors and skills are needed to successfully implement the business?
  • What are the gaps in leadership and organizational capabilities that need to be addressed?

The result is a shared and realistic picture of the business context and challenges of the organization and their connection with strategic leadership development needs.

But discovery isn’t just about gathering information. CCL’s approach to discovery also creates an opportunity for learning — building individual, stakeholder and organizational readiness for taking on leadership development challenges.

CCL’s discovery process builds on its foundational practices of assessment for development, research and evaluation. This platform for discovery enables learning and behavior change along the way and provides momentum for what’s next.

“CCL approaches discovery with the mindset that it is a developmental experience,” says CCL’s David Horth, a long-time designer of leadership solutions who has taken many organizations through the discovery process.

“The process of discovery has value all its own,” Horth explains. “CCL may become the provider or partner in your leadership solution as a result, but the bigger goal is to be sure you are investing in the right places to get to where you need to be.”

With better discovery, you get better insight. More choices. Right results.

No more tying shoelaces when what’s really needed is an apology, a nap, and a hug.

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