Essilor partnered with global leadership experts at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) to launch a blended learning solution for first-line supervisors that heavily leverages an online curriculum that could be quickly deployed across a broad geography. CCL’s existing eLearning resources are being adopted as appropriate and are complemented by newly created communication guides and job aids that reflect Essilor’s core values, workplace environment and needs. Additional courses are being custom-developed to address topics appropriate to the Essilor workplace.

The program is based on CCL’s 70/20/10 framework, which is a research-based model for optimizing learning and development. CCL surveys indicate that roughly 10 percent of behavioral change and lessons learned by leaders can be attributed to coursework. Twenty percent involves learning from others, while the remaining 70 percent is linked to workplace experiences.

Essilor’s new EDGE Leadership Program addresses all three dimensions of learning: formal training, mentoring, and workplace experiences. When all courses are complete, the formal portion of the program will span 54 topics organized around 10 leadership competencies vital to Essilor—from managing conflict to developing people.

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