More and more, managers are judged by their “Ability to Coach Others.” But few managers are taught how to be effective coaches.

“Much of the growth and interest in the coaching field lies in the role of the leader coach,” says CCL’s Candice Frankovelgia. “Coaching is an essential capability for leaders and they are really looking for something tangible to help them become effective coaches of others.”

CCL’s Coaching for Greater Effectiveness program for managers is one way to build those skills. Another is CCL’s new 360-degree coaching assessment, designed to help managers understand what they need to do to be a skilled coach. Both the program and the Coaching Effectiveness 360° are based on Relationship, Assessment, Challenge, Support and Results — CCL’s RACSR Coaching Model.

If your organization is interested in improving its internal coaching capacity, you can be one of the first to use this new 360. CCL is currently seeking organizational partners to participate in the validation process. Click here to learn more.

CCL’s RACSR Coaching Model

CCL's RACSR Coaching Model

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