What Did You Unlearn Today?

In the quest to learn new skills, technologies and behaviors, have you considered what you need to unlearn?

In the January 2011 issue of Chief Learning Officer, “Learning to Unlearn” suggests that old habits and assumptions are roadblocks to individual and organizational success.

Drawing on examples from companies such as Zappos and Farmer’s Insurance, the article describes how learning leaders can help employees “kick bad habits and embrace new ways of working.”

According to the article: “Numerous factors prompt a need to unlearn, from large-scale organizational change to small, employee-specific changes that relate to technical abilities or social behavior. In either circumstance, an employee’s previous experience impedes his or her ability to perform.

“The concept of unlearning goes hand in hand with change. While many books and white papers have been written about organizational change, there is a dearth of content on unlearning. Organizations need to succeed at both in order to improve and move forward, especially in this volatile business environment.”

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