Know Your Skills Gap

With high unemployment rates, you’d think that filling critical jobs would be easy. Not so, according toBridging the Skills Gap: New Factors Compound the Growing Skills Shortage in the February 2010 issue of T+D, a publication of ASTD.

The report addresses the importance of talent to organizational performance and the skills gap that many organizations face. Pat Galagan writes:

“ASTD defines a skills gap as a significant gap between an organization’s current capabilities and the skills it needs to achieve its goals. It is the point at which an organization can no longer grow or remain competitive because it cannot fill critical jobs with employees who have the right knowledge, skills and abilities.”

According to ASTD, the skills gap is caused by jobs that are changing, lagging educational attainment – and deep job cuts during the recession. The article offers insight into these factors and specific issues that will continue to play out in the coming years.

“In reality, organizations will always experience a skills gap if they are staying ahead of shifting conditions in their environment and changing expectations from their constituents, shareholders or customers,” Galagan notes. “The key to achieving success under such circumstances is to harness skilled talent to strategy and goals — a task that has become more and more challenging in an increasingly global, virtual and changing world.

CCL responds to the leadership skills gap through programs and work with clients, research and publications — including our white paper series. Read more in The Leadership Gap: What you need and don’t have when it comes to leadership talent.

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