Making Games & Simulations Work

The training world has known the value of experiential learning for decades, but the use of games and simulations for developing employees can still be a mixed bag. To gain some insight about how to create effective, engaging simulations and games, take a look at Bjorn Billhardt’s article in the Winter 2010 issue of Training Industry Quarterly.

Billhardt, CEO and founder of Enspire Learning, says that overcoming boredom is key: “Many designs are simply ineffective or boring … a poorly conceived game can achieve worse results than a mediocre lecture.”

His tips for creating a valuable game or simulation include:

  • Accurately but simply reflect the real world to demonstrate learning objectives.
  • Introduce elements that make for an interesting experience.
  • Create progressively more difficult levels.
  • Allow participants to compete against one another, network and learn from each other.

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