Wouldn’t it be nice to have a GPS navigator for leader development?

“First-time manager? Yield right.”
“Senior executive taking on a global function? Turn ahead.”
“Young professional taking on a new project? Take the next exit.”

CCL’s new Leader Development Roadmap doesn’t have a digital voice, but it does give clear directions.

“CCL has always had an array of programs targeted to different levels and different needs of leaders,” says CCL’s Jeff Howard. “The Roadmap makes our thinking much more explicit to help HR and talent professionals navigate the options for employees. Plus, it shows how a single manager could continue learning over time and throughout a career.”

The Roadmap breaks down leader development into five levels:

Leading Self: Individual contributors, professional staff and emerging leaders
Leading Others: Leaders of individual contributors
Leading Managers: Leaders of managers and/or senior professional staff
Leading the Function: Leaders of functions or divisions
Leading the Organization: Leaders of the enterprise

Next, the Roadmap identifies a core program and specialty courses based on the real-world challenges unique to each level of leadership. It also shows how custom programs, products and coaching can be used to focus leader development.

“The Leader Development Roadmap connects the challenges that leaders face every day with the essential skills they need to be successful,” Howard explains.

Learn more about the Leader Development Roadmap and our five core programs:

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