Quality education is in demand, according to the Kentucky Chamber Foundation and the state’s business leaders.

Well-educated workers, with the ability to solve problems, work together and continue to learn throughout their careers, are the key to the state’s future economic competitiveness.

The Kentucky Chamber understood that the most powerful lever for education improvement is leadership, beginning with the school’s principal. Research shows that strong, effective leadership cascades through a school, changing the culture to one of greater collaboration, driving more effective instruction and ultimately impacting student learning. Plus, a cadre of highly effective school principals could form the core of the next generation of school system superintendents and other senior school administrators.

The Chamber turned to CCL to build a leadership development program with a customized focus on Kentucky’s needs. The program, known as the Kentucky Leadership Institute for School Principals, will span multiple years and engage a new cohort of principals each year. Admission to the program is competitive, with a rigorous application process.

Since 2011, 158 principals from schools in 64 counties across Kentucky have graduated from the program.

Through the Institute’s work, Kentucky is developing leaders who are creating student-centered environments and improving outcomes in schools across the state. Principals who have been through the program:

  • Are more effective leaders
  • Better able to drive meaningful change throughout their schools to improve student performance.
  • Have stronger professional networks through which they can share best practices.

Learn more about the Kentucky Leadership Institute for School Principals and its impact: Businesses Changing the Face of Education.

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