Organizations around the world continue to cut resources in order to remain competitive in this global economy. You, your colleagues and the organizations you support are expected to do more with less.

The truth is you can do more with less — and do it better. The key is innovative thinking.

Unlocking sustainable innovation in your organization requires the right mix of innovative thinking and the leaders that empower it. Through the Center for Creative Leadership’s Innovation Leadership workshops and resources, you will learn practical ways to drive success through innovation and how leaders can use design thinking to foster creativity, cultivate learning and accelerate growth.

Innovation Leadership is an interactive, two-day workshop co-led by faculty from CCL and Continuum, a global innovation and design consultancy. Innovation Leadership teaches you to reframe and clarify your business challenges resulting in new leadership behaviors, new tools and techniques, the ability to foster innovation in others and methods for moving innovation forward in your team. Ask about customized innovation programs, too.

Yes You Can! Innovating Despite Constraints, a CCL on-demand Webinar geared to helping teams find innovative solutions and have a broader impact on the organization. Explore key innovation principles, including uncovering insights to inspire innovative ideas; reframing your constraints to enable your team to be innovative; and trying your ideas in low-cost low-risk ways before you know they are right. Then learn how to sell your ideas to others in the organization.

Innovation Leadership: How to use innovation to lead effectively, work collaboratively and drive results, a free CCL white paper.

Upcoming CCL Innovation Leadership Roundtables in EMEA

In these interactive innovation leadership roundtables, Bert De Coutere will explore ways to enhance your thinking and assumptions about innovation. He will address the main question: “What is leading for innovation?” and invite the audience to discuss in groups the reasons that are stopping us getting innovation done in our companies. The opportunity will be given to network in a dynamic way thanks to experiential exercises and to get you some innovation leadership concepts to become an innovation leader. For additional information about our upcoming events, please contact



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