Leader Development RoadmapLearning to lead is an intensely personal experience — and one that shifts over time. As organizations look to boost leadership, open-enrollment programs remain a strong part of the learning mix. Here’s why:

Open enrollment is flexible. A proven program may be routinely used as part of employee development — for example, all employees who are or will be leading a function or department may attend Leading for Organizational Impact. Or employees and managers may choose from a “menu” of programs to address specific needs or invest in development as needed. You may send a handful of employees one year; dozens the next.

Open enrollment is complementary. CCL clients fit various open-enrollment programs into their larger development puzzle. Maybe they use Maximizing Your Leadership Potential as a kick-off for a year-long initiative for developing first-time managers. Senior leaders might attend Leadership at the Peak orLeading Strategically, knowing their individual development ties directly to the company’s future direction. Sometimes open-enrollment programs are an integrated part of a large-scale organizational initiative. Plus, open-enrollment can be part of a “blended learning” strategy that includes online learning, coaching, action learning and more.

Open enrollment is budget-friendly. Yes, the cost of travel and being away from work is a factor. The economies of scale for custom or technology-based training are real. But we’ve found many companies just aren’t dedicating resources to major development initiatives. Or they are doing in-depth custom work for just a select group.

Open-enrollment programs allow companies to offer leadership development when they don’t have large budgets or in-house training resources, or need ways to fill gaps in their existing development initiatives. The Leadership Fundamentals program is a good example. The two-day program for individual contributors who work on project teams and informally lead or influence others is an affordable way to invest in a key population.

Other benefits of CCL’s open enrollment programs include:

Broad scope, clear focus. CCL understands how leadership skills need to evolve and expand to meet changing conditions and to prepare for future challenges. At the same time, we’ve identified the skills critical for success at each level, so individuals — and your organization — can see faster results. See our Leader Development Roadmap to match up the right learning at the right time for each leader.

Relevance, proven, cutting-edge. CCL updates and creates programs in response to changes in the workplace and as new research findings and new best practices emerge. For example, our Leadership Development Program (LDP)® is consistently ranked as one of the best leadership development programs in the world, reflecting a balance of consistent quality and ongoing relevance. A recentevaluation of the program found that LDP is clearly moving the needle in key competencies that our research shows are most critical for leadership success in the “middle zone” of organizations.

A space to learn. New behaviors and techniques can be tried and tested in a safe and confidential learning environment. Participants are free from distractions of the workplace and have a chance to network and learn from other leaders. This “protected” space is seen as essential by many client organizations.

World view, global reach, client focus. CCL’s open-enrollment programs are offered often and globally, providing more choices and locations to meet busy schedules and a range of client needs. Programs are in English, but often assessments and coaching are offered in additional languages. All are facilitated by highly educated faculty and coaches from business, academia and the nonprofit world.

Finally, in all our work, we provide a highly personal experience, grounded in research-based frameworks and methods. The results that matter most to your organization: A powerful learning experience that participants often describe as life-changing, career-making events.

CCL Open-enrollment by the Numbers

12 different programs
300+ programs booked annually
4,680+ participants each year
2,200+ companies served
12+ global delivery locations on 5 continents
500+ coaches and 200+ faculty worldwide
1:12 average instructor / participant ratio

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