Learning to lead is never a one-shot deal — and what was important to learn at one stage may not be what matters at the next.

CCL’s Leader Development Roadmap connects leaders to the right development at the right time.

The roadmap is arranged by organizational level and highlights level-specific challenges and needed skills. From the early-career professional to the most experienced C-suite leader, the roadmap matches an individual’s need to specific CCL programs products, coaching and services that leaders need to succeed. The five levels are:

  1. Leading Self, resources for individual contributors, professional staff and emerging leaders. Challenges include increasing personal effectiveness and performance and preparing for management or leadership role.
  2. Leading Others, resources for leaders of individual contributors. Challenges include transitioning from individual performer to leading a team and building relationships to get work done.
  3. Leading Managers, resources for leaders of managers and/or senior professional staff. Challenges include integrating cross-functional perspectives in decisions and handling complexity.
  4. Leading the Function, resources for leaders of functions or divisions. Challenges including balancing trade-offs between the short- and long-term and creating alignment for strategy implementation.
  5. Leading the Organization, resources for leaders of the enterprise. Challenges include setting organizational direction, fostering alignment, gaining commitment and refining an executive persona.

At each level, participants also address four essential leadership competencies: self-awareness, learning agility, influence and communication.

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