For more than four decades, leadership has been CCL’s focus. Our approach is distinct — and our goal is to help you achieve results that are real, enduring and powerful — results that will matter most to your organization.

One facet of our work is to provide Leadership Resources that allow you — and anyone in your organization — to explore the world of leadership development and find information about specific topics.

We’ve recently updated our Web site and many of our materials to put more learning resources within easy reach. Here are five things you can do when you tap into our Leadership Resources:

  1. Access hundreds of articles, white papers and reports. Based on research, best practices, and interviews with experts and innovators, our writing is always reliable and relevant.
  2. Dig deeper with publications. CCL’s publications will help you successfully meet a range of challenges, including personal development, talent management, strategic leadership, team-building and organizational improvement.
  3. Apply knowledge with CCL’s tools for facilitators. Our workshop tools (including workbooks, facilitator’s guides and assessments) have been used by training and HR professionals for decades. Use these simple tools to engage in individual learning and foster group discussion.
  4. Provide powerful feedback with assessments. CCL’s assessments are powerful drivers of learning and change. Our assessment and feedback process helps leaders measure where they are, clarify needs and goals and set direction for further development.
  5. Build leadership excellence with online learning. CCL’s online learning products give you access to superior leadership expertise anytime, anywhere. Select from a variety of formats and topics, including: eCourses, Online Guidebook Library, Leading Effectively Webinar Series and Blended Learning Solutions. And look for new choices throughout the year.

Interested in the big picture of how CCL helps organizations achieve what matters most? Take a look at our “Levels of Impact” presentation.

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