You know leadership development isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. And you want employees to adapt and learn new skills as their roles change over time. CCL’s Leader Development Roadmap makes it easy to connect leaders to the right development at the right time.

“The Leader Development Roadmap shows HR professionals how they can offer relevant leadership training to people at all levels of the organization and throughout their careers,” says CCL’s Susan Smith.

The Roadmap describes CCL’s program offerings based on organizational level, providing a path for ongoing development. But it is more than an organizing tool, Smith says.

“We’ve outlined key challenges that leaders face and the competencies that are important for leaders and organizations to develop,” she explains. “As a result, we find clients are able to use the Roadmap as a communication tool for their internal discussions about skills, competencies and how to systematically prepare their leaders for the future.”

Visit CCL’s Leader Development Roadmap to navigate programs by organizational level and see how each program is designed to address level-specific challenges and skills.

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