Mid- to senior-level managers — leaders of managers — often say their job is complicated. Exciting and interesting, yes, but definitely not simple.

Talent directors and HR leaders see the complexity, too. They are looking for programs and tools to help their experienced leaders take on increasingly complex roles and tasks:

  • “I need a program that will help mid-level leaders be more successful implementing strategic initiatives through their teams.”
  • “Our organization is struggling to help them manage the complexity.”
  • “Collaborating with other groups is essential at this level. We need a program that will help managers of managers effectively work with others across the organization.”
  • “We need ways to help bridge the gap between strategic leadership and frontline management.”
  • “These managers are juggling multiple priorities.”

CCL’s Leadership Development Program (LDP)® is geared to meet the challenges facing experienced managers. Participants are operational, group or departmental managers who need to work up, down and across the organization to be effective.

LDP provides leaders of mid- to senior-level managers with a detailed picture of their personal strengths and challenges, and helps them create a plan for moving forward, Connie Bennett, COO of Biscuitville and a recent LDP participant, cited improved communication skills, ability to give and receive feedback, and practical tools as key benefits of taking the program.

“The feedback was extremely valuable,” said Bennett. “I have already adjusted how I meet with the executive team due to my boss’ feedback.”

“Having the assessments and feedback explained to me by [the trainers] and my coach validated things I felt and gave me a better understanding of what makes up who I am as a leader. This information, coupled with the feedback of how I am perceived by others, will help me lead and communicate more effectively going forward.”

Why LDP?

  • LDP participants are reported to have a greater impact on their organizations and to achieve improved business results after attending the program.
  • LDP is consistently ranked by program alumni, managers and executives as one of the best leadership development programs in the world.
  • LDP is offered globally over 150 times a year.
  • LDP has helped develop over 50,000 leaders in over four decades.
  • LDP has evolved over the years in response to changes in the workplace and as new research findings, new best practices and new technologies emerge.

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