Instant gratification is rarely part of the leader development world. The process of learning and growing takes time and is ongoing.

Yet, teachable moments are everywhere:

The newly promoted department head.
The manager who takes on a larger role.
The leader wrestling with negative feedback.

As an HR professional, you can help turn these moments into learning opportunities through conversation and planning — but you can offer a little instant insight, too.

CCL provides a series of highly focused, action-oriented — and instantly downloadable — books for practicing managers. At your fingertips when you need them and suited for on-the-go reading, these books can encourage thinking and learning while interest (and need) is high.

Wondering where to start? Check out CCL’s top five digital best sellers:

  1. Talent Conversations. One of the simplest yet most effective ways to develop others is the talent conversation — a way of building on relationships that are based on rapport, collaboration and mutual commitment.
  2. Communicating Across Cultures. Become aware of cultural differences and learn how to adapt your communication style to enhance your managerial effectiveness.
  3. Developing Cultural Adaptability. The willingness and ability to recognize, understand and work effectively across cultural difference helps you build the relationships needed to achieve results in today’s global organizations.
  4. Developmental Assignments. A single source to help you add developmental assignments to your job and help others do the same. The tables inside this book are full of assignments. You’ll also find cross-references to CCL’s assessment tools: 360 by Design, Executive Dimensions, Benchmarks, Prospector, and Skillscope.
  5. How to Launch a Team. Learn how to address four critical points during the launch of a team: setting purpose and direction, defining roles and responsibilities, designing procedures and practices and building cooperation and relationships.

Visit our bookstore to access more than 70 digital publications from CCL (some in multiple translations). Or inquire about our personalized digital library subscriptions.

Want another simple way to add to your HR resources? Order a full set of CCL guidebooks — aimed at helping practicing managers meet everyday challenges and build leadership skills. A hard-copy “leader library” allows you to share ideas, tips and best practices. Hand a copy of “Giving Feedback at Work” to a new manager or “Active Listening” to a hard charger who needs to engage co-workers and listen to team members.

Don’t lose your teachable moment!

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