Research shows that teams have three types of needs:

  • Planning needs. Do we have a shared understanding of goals, roles and team norms? What’s the strategy or plan to achieve the goals? What key actions are needed? What knowledge, information and skills do we have or can access?
  • Execution needs. Are we clear about how our team communicates, coordinates, collaborates and monitors its effectiveness? How do we track progress, people, budgets and information? How do we prioritize? How do we give and receive feedback?
  • Interpersonal needs. What’s the level of trust on the team? How do we handle conflict constructively? Are we motivated to achieve our goals? Are we dealing with emotions that can strain the team?

When team leaders and team members know about these needs, they have a way to identify and discuss what is working well and what isn’t.

When a team is underperforming, faltering or flat-out failing, look carefully at what’s missing. What behaviors are required to meet team needs?

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