Today’s executives are not all the proverbial “heart attack waiting to happen.” They are not all Type A personalities. Very few smoke (less than nine percent at last count), and they are not heavy drinkers. Few skip breakfast or lunch.

In fact, executives are somewhat healthier than the average person, according to CCL’s Sharon McDowell-Larsen. Even so, real concerns exist:

  • More than 75 percent have high cholesterol levels.
  • Two-thirds are above their ideal percent body fat.
  • More than 60 percent of male executives have greater than ideal levels of abdominal fat and 40 percent of female executives have an above-ideal waist circumference
  • Average blood glucose levels are around 95 (not diabetic but not great either).
  • Fewer than half consistently exercise.
  • Forty-seven percent report higher than average stress levels.
  • Most don’t get the requisite seven to eight hours of sleep per night.
  • Fruit and vegetable consumption is abysmal (three to four servings per day on average, compared to the recommended nine servings per day).
  • They travel more than 50 days per year.
  • Most put in 60 hours a week on the job.

For over 14 years, McDowell-Larsen has worked with executives from all parts of the globe to improve their health and fitness. She has worked with numerous clients to design and implement a Fitness for Leadership component in their leadership training courses and manages and trains the Fitness for the Leadership module of CCL’s Leadership at the Peak program.

Participants in CCL’s Leadership at the Peak program are given a rare chance to consider how their personal health and fitness affects their effectiveness on the job — and their prospects for thriving while leading a full, often demanding life. The program takes a whole-life approach to help executives handle the pressures and demands of leading at the top, while re-focusing their personal leadership power to drive future success of the organization.

For specific health and fitness tips from McDowell-Larsen, as well as research findings and a detailed bibliography, download the free white paper, The Care and Feeding of the Leader’s Brain.

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