Rich Tallman“For many years, HR wanted ‘a seat at the table’,” says CCL’s Rich Tallman. “Now that you’re there, what role are you playing? How is it going?”

Many HR pros are being asked to move beyond giving the HR perspective, to work as an integrated part of the leadership and business strategy teams. “We find that many HR managers aren’t as effective as they want to be,” says Tallman.

To help HR managers become more effective, CCL and the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) have collaborated to create the Leadership Development for Human Resource Professionals program.

The four-day program begins with self-awareness, providing insight into your role as a leader and what strategic human resource leadership would look like in your organizations. The focus then turns to understanding your ability to be a credible activist, an effective change agent and a steward of the organization’s culture.

The course is hands-on, with a focus on each participant’s specific challenges and ample time to practice skills. It includes peer feedback and a one-to-one coaching session. “Everybody leaves with a game plan tied to their real work and can take advantage of follow-up coaching to help push their goals forward,” Tallman says.

What makes this program different than other HR training courses? “It hits a sweet spot where self-awareness overlaps with practical skills-building,” says Tallman. “We connect who you are with your context to help you gain a better perspective on your role and actions as a leader.”

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