When Credicorp, the leading banking institution in Peru, set its sights on becoming a leading financial group across Latin America, it crafted a leadership strategy that was just as ambitious as its business strategy.

In collaboration with CCL, Credicorp began to create stronger links between the business strategy and leadership needs. A dual developmental approach — individual competency and collective capability — would become the foundation of a broad and deep leadership strategy.

One of the most notable achievements is a comprehensive leadership training and development architecture for leaders across all levels. The goal was to create a leadership solution that would evolve in unison with the changing nature of the strategic challenges faced by organizational leaders.

Additional results are reflected in several overarching leadership themes, according to the company. They include:

  • Commitment to building new competencies.
  • An evolution toward a more interdependent, collaborative approach.
  • A genuine interest in aligning efforts to meet a greater organizational aim.
  • Dedication to the leadership strategy.
  • Superior business performance.
  • Positive recognition for performance by business media.

“By linking the development of leaders with our strategic drivers, we are laying fertile ground for strategy execution,” said Walter Bayly, CEO of Banco de Credito and COO of Credicorp Group. “Leadership development is a strategic investment that is vital to achieving our mission.”

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