IBarclaycardn late 2008, the global economy was in turmoil.

Banking and financial-service firms faced unprecedented challenge and uncertainty — and UK-based Barclaycard wasn’t immune.

Even so, Barclaycard leaders were clear they needed to look to the future. A renewed emphasis on customer needs and experience was essential — and it would be fueled by greater collaboration, innovation and operational excellence.

“We needed leaders across the business to have a full and shared perspective on our direction and our challenges,” explained James Prior, Barclaycard’s former head of Executive Development. “At the same time, we had to strengthen key leadership capabilities so our people could implement the strategy, cope in uncertain times and flex to meet changing conditions and needs.”

Working with both the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) and Ashridge Business School, they developed the Barclaycard Executing Strategy Programme. During a two-year period, 120 managers participated. The effort earned rave reviews from participants and an evaluation study found meaningful results.

Participants made significant improvement in leadership effectiveness; collaboration and ability to influence.

Participants also showed measurable increases in their ability to take risks, set priorities, lead teams and coach/mentor others.

Direct reports are more engaged and empowered — 80 percent report feeling more empowered to do their work, and 79 percent also report feeling more engaged in their work.

The study also found participants are developing and leveraging networks and relationships to drive company strategies:

  • 100 percent increased both the size and quality of their internal and external networks
  • 100 percent improved their ability to gather multiple perspectives and ideas.
  • 100 percent leverage their networks to benefit Barclaycard.

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