As it continues to experience explosive growth as an industry in all parts of the world, coaching also faces great challenges including differing methodologies, questionable coach credentials and success that is hard to measure.

One part of the coaching process that needs to be understood is the practices that coaches utilize in their work.

A new Webinar from CCL — From the Coach’s Mouth: Best Practices for Coaching Engagements — shares insights from CCL’s research about coaching. The presenter, CCL’s Bill Gentry, will share best practices from interviews with coaches who work with middle-level managers as well as with C-level executives. He’ll give you insight from coaches who live in Europe and Asia, as well as the North American perspective.

To learn how to improve your coaching practices, sign up for the live session November 16, 2011, 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. EST, or view the Webinar on-demand beginning November 21.

How about some additional reading? Order The CCL Handbook of Coaching: A Guide for the Leader Coach, an in-depth book based on a philosophy of leadership development that the Center for Creative Leadership has honed over 30 years through rigorous research along with long, rich experience in the practice of leadership coaching.

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