Are your leaders equipped to enact strategic change? The Center for Creative Leadership’s (CCL) David Dinwoodie says the ability to set strategy and the ability to lead strategy are very different things.

Here, Dinwoodie offers six questions that learning leaders should start asking of themselves (other senior leaders) to gauge their ability to lead strategically and set a leadership strategy for the organization:

  1. Do we regularly and realistically evaluate our internal strengths and weaknesses and the external opportunities and threats?
  2. Do we prioritize key strategic drivers to create focus on mission-critical activities?
  3. Do we craft leadership strategies that enable our business strategies?
  4. Do we shape organizational culture to elicit strong identification and sense of belonging?
  5. Do we effectively translate strategy into practice, learn from our performance outcomes and revisit our strategic framework?
  6. Do we create direction, alignment and commitment with strategic objectives throughout the organization?

Dinwoodie, along with Laura Quinn and others in CCL’s organizational leadership practice, work closely with client organizations to link business strategy and leadership strategy, boost the strategic leadership capability of leaders and develop the leadership culture that is needed for success.


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