On Leading in Times of ChangeChange. Uncertainty. Volatility.

Does anyone talk about stability anymore? For some, the idea is a distant memory. For younger people, they’ve known nothing but rapid change and shifting sands.

“We live in a time when the notions of evolutionary or incremental change seem as much a relic of history as the Walkman and the typewriter,” writes Kerry Bunker in the introduction to On Leading in Times of Change.

He continues: “Gone are the days of sequential and predictable change with clear outcome goals, a rational window for implementation and easily identifiable action steps to guide the journey. Gone as well are the safety nets and lifelines that allowed an easy return to the comfortable and familiar strategies of the past if we somehow ventured down the wrong path in our quest for something new, exciting or more productive.”

But if instability is the norm, then have you considered that some of your ideas about leadership and leading change may be outdated or insufficient? Or maybe you’ve been on auto-pilot as you manage wave after wave of change — and you feel a need for another approach.

On Leading in Times of Change is the newest book in CCL’s Leadership in Action Series. It brings together different perspectives and practices that, together, offer a way for you to draw your own blueprint for leading change.

The articles, originally published by CCL between 2000 and 2010, hit on a range of change themes, including adaptability, leading yourself and helping others manage transitions, facing crisis and adversity, and understanding what works and what doesn’t when it comes to organizational change.

The importance of learning how to learn is woven throughout the book As Bunker explains, “Leading people through a challenging learning experience builds character and resiliency, which in turn enhances confidence to take on new challenges, which then opens the door to new experiences and creates greater readiness for more change and new learning opportunities.”

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