Two very different school systems, one in Bronx County, NY, and the other in Fairfax County, VA  discovered they have one significant issue in common. Both are struggling to find effective ways to prepare up-and coming leaders to step into the role of principal.

Bronx County and Fairfax County administrators had been working on the problem independently with initiatives to build business and instructional skills. They decided to collaborate, though, on what they felt was the missing link: a program devoted to the art of leadership.

Administrators from the Bronx and Fairfax schools decided to work with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) to teach aspiring principals how to lead in order to make a positive impact on student performance. Together they designed a Multi-District Leadership Institute (MDLI) that has proved to be transformational for the educators it serves. In the three-day program educators from both Bronx and Fairfax counties were brought together in a symposium-like setting on the CCL campus. They learn what it means to lead in a variety of challenging cultures and situations, and they begin to build the skills, abilities and behaviors they will need as new principals – from giving effective feedback to nurturing innovation.

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