Cape Fear Valley Health (CFVH) is among North Carolina’s largest and busiest health systems. A decade of rapid growth had propelled the organization from a small county hospital into a thriving health system with over 5,000 employees, 765 beds, and 935,000 annual patient visits. Today CFVH is poised to become a major regional player. The organization knew, though, that managing continued growth and responding creatively to ongoing change will be critical, especially in a time of upheaval in the healthcare industry.

In 2008, CFVH hired a new CEO who believed that innovative leadership is critical to achieving growth and service excellence in this dynamic environment. He wanted the organization to have a customized, comprehensive leadership development process that would positively impact performance.

New CFVH Senior Vice President of Human Resources, William Pryor, had previous experience with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). He made a compelling recommendation that the CFVH executive team collaborate with CCL to design, deliver, and evaluate a highly effective leadership development initiative that would empower its leaders.

CCL designed a 5-day, experiential leadership development process for 5 groups made up of the top 125 leaders of the health system. The program was designed to promote individual, team and organizational leadership capabilities – teaching senior leaders to work collaboratively to solve challenges in a way that went beyond standard structural and operational boundaries.

Within a year of completing the program, senior executives, directors, and managers have undergone significant growth in areas identified as critical to the organization’s success. Evidence suggests a significant impact on organizational outcomes, including an improved bottom line, improved patient satisfaction rates, improved employee retention, and a leadership team poised to navigate the uncharted waters of healthcare reform.

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