Ageas, A multi-billion euro insurance firm, was seeking to cultivate a common vision and culture across its country-level operating companies.

The organization faced shifting regulatory pressures and highly competitive markets in the wake of the financial crisis. Though its roots stretch back 2 centuries, it was a “new” company created when a larger financial services firm was broken up, with each operating company having substantial autonomy.

Ageas needed to develop its high-potential managers, increasing their capacity to lead and drive business performance while also deepening their understanding of the organization’s strategy.

picture of business meeting in a conference room representing Ageas case study

The company had 5 goals for these high potentials:

  • Enhance their readiness to deal with the different expectations they’ll encounter as they transition to more senior leadership roles.
  • Strengthen their ability to think and act strategically across functions and regions.
  • Leverage diverse experiences and perspectives and benefit from a network of peers from across the organization.
  • Broaden their cultural awareness and increase their confidence level when working in unfamiliar environments.
  • Build relationships with Ageas Management Committee members and senior managers through leadership and business discussions.

Solution & Results

Collaborating with Ageas and a business school partner, we developed a solution that fused leadership learning with business application. We launched the Ageas Leadership Program to provide cohorts of high-potential managers from across the company opportunities to strengthen their leadership skills, learn more about Ageas’ business strategy, and put the learning to work on real business challenges.

Participants start with a 360-feedback process, attend a kickoff webinar, and work with their managers to define individual goals for the program. The heart of ALP is a 2-week, intensive on-site program in Brussels, at the Ageas headquarters.

The first week participants complete the Leadership Module, focused on leadership in the context of career advancement and company growth. Participants focus on making job transitions, managing change, developing talent, and staying true to a clear personal vision. They also form relationships with one another, building a professional network across multiple functions and countries.

ALP Ageas Flow Chart

In the 2nd week, they participate in the Business Module, which we facilitate along with Vlerick Business School faculty. Vlerick introduces strategic business tools to participants, while our facilitators at CCL ensure the high-potentials continue to practice the new leadership skills and behaviors they’ve learned. As ALP participants take on real business challenges, they interact with senior Ageas executives, further strengthening their networks.
Teams of participants present their business projects to Ageas leaders for feedback. In addition, Ageas HR follow up with a second 360-feedback process 2 years after program completion to assess how it impacted participants’ work performance.

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