The Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) group is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Founded in 1885 and family-owned, it has 145 affiliates and more than 42,000 employees in 55 countries.

“As the pharmaceutical industry becomes increasingly competitive, even small differences in leadership competency and technical expertise can lead to highly differentiated outcomes in the marketplace. It is imperative that we accelerate the development of managers and better prepare them for senior leadership roles.”  – Sissy McKee, BI’s leadership program director

Though the company has enjoyed great success, its industry is facing significant change and complexity—from growing regulatory pressures to razor-sharp competition. BI wanted its leaders to become more results-oriented and more aware of the external environment impacting the company’s operations. It also wanted to cultivate stronger decision-making and strategic-thinking skills, as well as the ability to inspire and lead others in support of a shared vision, strategy and business goals.

BI selected the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) as its partner in the design and delivery of a new leadership development initiative. CCL’s distinct approach—drawing on proven methods and pursuing new ways to accelerate effective leadership—appealed to the BI team. They wanted a highly interactive and practical program that would prepare BI leaders for marketplace challenges—not an impersonal or cookie-cutter solution. “We didn’t want to take an academic or didactic approach,” McKee says. “Instead we wanted to fully engage our developing leaders in a way that would bring learning to life—reflecting our culture, our industry and our competencies.”



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