The Caldwell Fellows’ vision of educating young leaders and the view that the university should educate students not only to be successful professionals, but also to be servant-leaders who make the world a better place. For 40 years, the CCL’s philosophy and training has been a vital component of the program. A CCL associate is involved in selecting Caldwell Fellows during their freshman year and the CCL runs an intensive, three-day training program during students’ junior or senior year as a capstone experience.

Caldwell Fellows receive an academic scholarship, leadership and service opportunities, and an annual experiential learning stipend. The situation is not typically a college scenario, but something the Fellows are more likely to encounter once they’ve graduated. They must consider the various legal, ethical, economic and other dimensions of the experiential challenge.

There are now more than 1,000 active Caldwell Fellows alumni. Their anecdotes about the impact of the program and the CCL training are telling. Fellows say their CCL experience has helped them be better professionals and leaders, from handling significant corporate responsibilities to making life-or-death decisions

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