Working in the small office of a nonprofit organization, Susan Feit would not easily have had an opportunity to receive intensive training to develop her leadership skills. Yet this level of training would surely be beneficial to her as executive director of the National Conference for Community & Justice (NCCJ) of the Piedmont Triad.

Feit says a number of people had suggested that she enroll in the Center for Creative Leadership’s (CCL) Leadership Development Program (LDP)® for the program’s outstanding training and networking potential with other leaders. One of those was Mike Renn, manager of CCL’s Education Sector, who is a member of the NCCJ board. It was Renn who nominated Feit to receive a Greensboro Leadership Fund scholarship. The Greensboro Leadership Fund’s sole purpose is to provide nonprofit leaders with high-quality leadership development training that they would not otherwise have access to.

“What a wonderful and enriching experience it was,” she says, “being exposed to current state-of-the art research in a safe environment while learning how I can move my organization forward.”

The Chicago native arrived in Greensboro in 2004 after living more than 20 years in Israel, where she dedicated herself to promoting peace and building inclusive and just societies. In 2007, she joined the local office of NCCJ, a national human relations organization that concentrates on fighting bias, bigotry and racism in America. It was founded in 1927 as the National Conference of Christians and Jews and is well-known for Anytown, its weeklong summer residential program for diverse groups of high school juniors and seniors.

The LDP left Feit with a renewed perception about her leadership style. But unlike many participants who gain the greatest insight into themselves through pre-course feedback from colleagues, Feit focused on the insights she received from interacting with fellow LDP participants.

“It was a chance for introspection and reflection into my assets and deficiencies,” she explains. “I learned from how others reacted to me that I need to vary my management style and try different behaviors to fit different settings and situations. The program gave me a different lens through which to analyze what I should be doing and what I should change.”

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