Previous work on the Early Leadership Theory of Change was promising and helpful in that it identified key research and evaluation questions related to scaling and accelerating leadership development solutions (agenda focus 1) in the most efficient ways for the early leadership sector. This work aims to build on that by exploring what a more broad research and evaluation agenda across Societal Advancement (SA) should look like in order to: 1) identify issues of scale and best practices related to accelerating leadership development across SA sectors; 2) understand organizational cultures in the SA space and relational/social aspects of leadership with SA clients; 3) utilize SA clients and relationships to try innovative methods for exploring the research agenda. Elucidating a shared SA research agenda will facilitate DAC (direction, alignment, and commitment) around data collection, analysis, and dissemination efforts related to telling a larger story of impact for SA work.

Scientific Contribution:

  • Articulate an actionable, researchable theory of change for leadership development in the social sector. 

Application to Leadership Challenges:

  • Understand measurement and evaluation challenges unique to leadership development in the social sector.

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