Several studies in the academic literature have documented the importance of climate and culture in promoting learning transfer and “training success” and the importance of systems, processes, culture and other organizational factors in making the most out of investments in leadership development. The current project aims to further explore factors of “development climate” that can facilitate and accelerate the impact of leader development.  We intend to administer an existing CCL assessment (Developmental Climate Audit) prior to a leadership development program and then administer an impact survey such as the Return on Leadership Learning (ROLL) and conduct analyses to determine if development climate is related to post-program impact. We predict that similar to boss support, we will find that other dimensions of development climate will be associated with higher ratings of post-program impact. When behaviors learned in a program are modeled, expected and reinforced in the organization, individual leaders should practice and sustain more of the skills they learned.

Scientific Contribution:

  • This research contributes to a body of evidence about aspects of the organizational climate that are most critical for developing leaders.

Application to Leadership Challenges:

  • Organizations are investing in developing their people but leadership programs alone are unlikely to help them achieve their organizational goals. This research helps our clients see where else they can focus to develop the most supportive and developmental climate possible, to reinforce formal leadership development initiatives and get more return on their investments.

Connect With Our Team:

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact Sarah Stawiski or Stephen Young.