CCL has delivered leadership programming to approximately 83 groups of Principals and superintendents between 1994 and the present in Kentucky, Ohio, South Carolina and Vermont. This project is meant to compile data across these groups, to explore what claims CCL can make about the leadership characteristics of this population of individuals, and to develop knowledge content for internal improvement, research advancement, and visibility among academic and practitioner areas.

Scientific Contribution:

  • Identify common strengths and challenges among upper K-12 education leaders at a broad level.
  • Identity relationships between leadership competencies and school performance.
  • Explore differences among leadership profiles based on situational and individual differences.
  • Document gaps in our knowledge about K-12 education leadership.
  • Provides consolidated K-12 leadership data from which to make potential generalizations.

Application to Leadership Challenges:

  • This project has the potential to provide nuanced, data-informed view of the challenges that K-12 leaders face in their field.
  • Relationships between some leadership competencies and contextual factors or outcomes may vary in their strength. Identifying the strength of these various relationships can provide new insights on which competencies are easy levers for change.

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